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If you are seeking financial options to purchase a home residence, either as a first home buyer or family wishing to upgrade, then we are able to help you find the best possible loan that fits your individual circumstances.


Torrita Finance can assess your capacity to borrow for investment in real estate assets and provide solutions to help you achieve your property portfolio objectives.


Loan refinancing and consolidation can be of considerable benefit in a volatile interest rate environment. There may be options available whereby we can help you bundle you mortgage and personal loans together under one package or refinance with a lender allowing you to access equity in your property. Please call to discuss.

The button below links some calculators that you can use to give an approximate idea of your borrowing capacity and costs.

These are not definitive and are purely for use at your own discretion. Any results are not in any way warranted by myself or Torrita Finance Pty Ltd.


Principal place of residence

There are several different circumstances whereby a borrower may be able to borrow to construct a principal place of residence, for example purchase vacant land and construct, renovate an existing property or obtain a bridging loan to purchase or construct.

Duplex and property development

Duplex construction loans up to a loan value ratio of seventy five percent are available and project finance is available for developments with varying pre-sale percentages.



Under Construction



Under Construction

A Message From The Director

Torrita Finance was established with the objective of providing personalised mortgage and finance brokerage services that are structured to meet the needs of individuals, families and business clients.

We are located on the beautiful sunshine coast in south east Queensland and can provide assistance with any of your financing needs.

Should you be seeking advice on the range of services that we offer please don’t hesitate to call or leave a message.

Robert Aitchison CPA CMILT

BBUS MBA DIP Finance & Mortgage Broking Management

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